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Hambacher Forest: Preparations for eviction – postponement/cancellation of eviction

What struck me at the @ExtinctionR event on the bridges was how moving it was but also how joyful to be with those who could see so clearly what we need to do #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency #tearsfortheplanet

Happy New Year from the Resistance collective to all archivists and historians. We hope to put on an exhibition near you in 2019....

Here’s a video of me talking about #makingspace at @UnionStCowork (Launch is tomorrow night and on until Saturday!) #esrcfestival @UniShefEngage @USPSheffield @SheffSocScience

Staggering how many folk calmly accept human extinction within their children's lifetime as preferable to giving up meat or paying a few p more for renewable electricity

And the Tories just play along, cutting funding for renewables, supporting fracking

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